DuVall Bus Service LLC.

Who We Are

Our History

DuVall Bus Service has been a family business for over 75 years. It was first started by Charles W. DuVall. He farmed and had dump trucks. At that time the Avon Grove School District only had one contractor. That contractor approached Charles DuVall about taking over one of the bus runs, and that was how we got into the school bus business.

When Robert DuVall, Charles’s son, was old enough to come into the business with his father he added more equipment. While the two of them worked together they farmed, had school buses, dump trucks and did snow plowing.

Robert continued to work with his father but went out on his own also. He started driving a tractor trailer. He was an over the road trucker. When his father retired, Robert and his wife Frances bought him out. Robert continued to drive truck and grew that part of our business, by buying more equipment and hiring more truck drivers. He also continued to build the bus business along with Frances’s help at home while he was on the road.

Our family has had a contract with the Avon Grove School District to provide bus service to them for over 75 years. As the area has grown and developed we have had to add buses and vans to cover the need.

Around 1998 the first coach bus was purchased and the coach/charter bus side of our business began. Since then we have bought several more coach buses and multiplied that area of our business exponentially.  

Robert and Frances worked very hard to get the business to where it is today. In 2005, the trucks were parked due to the economy, but the bus business continued to grow and be the main focus of the company. The company is now in the hands of Sandra DuVall-Wolfe, Robert and Frances’s daughter who now runs the family business.


As a client, you expect high quality service. DuVall Bus Service is an independent transportation company that gives clients high-class transportation in style. 

We pride our selves on having the cleanest and nicest well maintained fleet around, and being on time with the most courteous  drivers who are there to make sure that your event transportation needs are met. We hope we exceed your expectations.